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How long is implementation/training to start using VREX?

VREX is easy to learn. You can learn all of the basics of VREX navigation within the first session using the automated tutorial built into the software.

There is a comprehensive set of getting started videos and content online in the VREX Academy – https://academy.vrex.no

Do you have to have a VR headset to use VREX?

No, VREX has a desktop viewer that allows people without headsets to join a live multiuser session. They can see people in VR on their screen, talk with them, and use all the same features as people in VR. Desktop users can actually attach themselves to someone in VR and automatically follow them and see everything that they are doing.

What BIM / 3D model formats are supported?

VREX supports the Open BIM, IFC file format for 3D models. VREX also has a direct plugin with Navisworks where any 3D model formats combined there can be published into VREX. A lot of design and construction teams that use Revit will often bring their combined models into Navisworks first and then publish from Navisworks to VREX. JT files are also supported and often used in mechanical and industrial design modeling software.

What computer do I need?

You will need a windows 10 or 11 desktop or laptop personal computer.

Here are the recommended hardware for a mid-range VR enabled computer.
NVIDEA RTX 3070 graphics card
16-32GB+ RAM
Intel i7 or i9 processor
500GB Hard Drive

Computer requirements

What VR headset do I need?

The most common VR headset used by VREX customers is the Oculus / Meta Quest 2, but supports all major VR headsets that can be plugged into a Windows PC computer. This includes the following:

Oculus Rift
HP reverb G2
Any Windows mixed reality VR headsets
HTC Vive
Pico Neo 3D

Supported VR headsets

What are the internet requirements?

Any 4G connection or better is enough.

Is Vrex cloud based?

Yes. The administration page where you organize your projects and create the VR experience is accessed through your web browser.

The Vrex meeting rooms is also automatically distributed to the project members. They simply need to start the desktop application, log in and start collaborating. No filesharing required.

Can point cloud scans be viewed in VREX?

Yes point clouds can be viewed and overlaid with the 3D models or by themselves in both the desktop viewer and in virtual reality. VREX supports e57 files natively in VREX, or other point cloud formats can be viewed by loading into Navisworks first and then publishing to VREX.

How can I buy VREX?

If you are interested in trying out VREX, go to the VREX website at https://www.vrex.no and sign up there. A VREX representative will schedule a follow up meeting and a free trial of the software if needed. VREX licensing is based on a number of users.

Does VREX integrate with other BIM software? Do those integrations cost more?

VREX integrates with a variety of different BIM collaboration software. Many VREX integrations directly synchronize models along with issues and comments through the cloud. They are included in the main subscription of VREX at no additional charge. Learn more at the VREX Academy online.

Can you take pictures, draw redlines, and track issues in VREX?

Yes. VREX allows you to draw on the model, take snapshots, and track comments and issues using the BCF (BIM Collaboration Format). VREX also has direct integrations with many BIM collaboration software and can sync comments directly through the cloud.

Do you have to be plugged into a computer to run VREX?

Today you need a windows PC to run VREX in virtual reality, but some
of the VR headsets allow you to connect via WiFi. For example, the
Meta Quest 2 headset has Air Link that can connect VR applications
running on your PC to the headset without being plugged in.

Do you get nauseous in VR?

5-8% of people feel discomfort the first few times they use VR.

In addition to this being a small number, Vrex also uses every industry standard to minimize the cause of nausea. For most, mild nausea goes away after a few 5-10 minutes experiences in VR.

How many people can be in a VR session at once?

Technically there isn’t a limit. Logistically, when you host meetings together in VR, a maximum of 10 makes most sense so you aren’t crowded together.

Is there any limit to the model size that can be loaded in VREX?

No, there isn’t any limitation with VREX itself. Any limitation or impact
to performance is tied to your computer’s hardware such as graphics
card, RAM, and processor.

Can I use Mac?

No, not yet.
You will be able to use Vrex via the web-browser on a Mac, or any other device in the near future.

Does Vrex use the same GUID as my other BIM Software?