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ACC – BIM360 integration

Optimized workflow

Our integration with BIM 360 makes the workflow between BIM and VR very efficient and user-friendly. It is a great start to get working with VR in engineering and construction.

All BIM 360 models are made available directly in the Vrex admin pages. You can create new Vrex rooms with a couple of clicks, and the model gets uploaded directly from your BIM 360 cloud. Vrex makes it easy to invite colleagues or sub-contractors to join you in virtual collaboration in seconds, even users that are not BIM 360 or Vrex customers!

Learn more about BIM 360 on Autodesks own web pages.

Prerequisites for BIM360

Your BIM360 account needs to allow for our integrations. To set this up, please follow the guide below:

  1. Inside BIM360, go to Account Admin -> click the Settings Tab
  2. From the Custom Integration tab, click “Add Custom Integrations”
  3. Click Add Custom Integration, and choose “Document management”
  4. Select “Invite A Developer” and write rune@vixel.no
  5. This causes Bim360 to send us an e-mail where we can finish the integration
  6. When we have done this you will receive an e-mail for final approval.

BIM360 projects directly available for Vrex

By setting up the BIM360 integration you can generate Vrex rooms directly from your BIM360 project files. 

Please note that the BIM360 account admin will need to set up a custom integration. Please put us in contact with your account admin for further details.

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