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Aconex Integration

Aconex Integration with Vrex: A Seamless Collaboration Experience

Experience the power of Aconex projects in an immersive and collaborative way with our Vrex integration. This unique solution allows your entire team and stakeholders to understand and participate in your project lifecycle, enhancing decision-making processes.

Virtual Collaboration Anytime, Anywhere

With the Aconex integration with Vrex, your team can collaborate virtually from any location, at any time. This inclusive approach enables even those without BIM experience to contribute to the discussion, fostering a collaborative environment for better decision-making.

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Real-Time Connection to Aconex Issues

Our integration provides a real-time connection to Aconex issues, enabling you to access and address issues directly from virtual reality. This seamless integration allows you to work within your existing workflow, transitioning effortlessly from your authoring tools to Aconex, to Vrex, and back again.

Simplified Access to Latest Models

With just a single click, you can bring the latest models to your team for virtual collaboration within your Aconex projects. This eliminates the need for file sharing or extra work, making virtual collaboration easier than ever.

Look us up on the Official Oracle Aconex app market place: https://cloudmarketplace.oracle.com/marketplace/en_US/listing/122995935

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