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Export IFC from Revit

Export IFC

Step by step guide explaining how to export your project from Revit to IFC.

Navigate to File -> Export -> Scroll down to find ‘IFC’

Save your project as an IFC file from Revit

File Location

  • Select your preferred location for the exported IFC
  • Click ‘Modify setup …’ for more options
Select file location and modify setup

IFC version

  • Use IFC version 2×3 Coordination View 2.0
  • Include Steel Elements if that is included in your project
IFC version 2×3 and include Steel elements

IFC version

  • Go to the Property Sets tab
  • Tick ‘Export IFC common property sets’
  • Tick ‘Export Revit property sets’ if you are using that
  • Click ‘OK’
IFC and Revit property sets.

Start export

  • Click ‘Export’ to export your project into IFC.
Export IFC

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