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How to Navigate the Model in Vrex

Overview of the navigation methods

There are several ways to navigate inside VR. This section covers the different ways of moving around, including how to change between the different ones so that you can adapt to different situations inside the same virtual meeting.

Smart navigation, as the name suggests, is a smart tool that understands what you are pointing towards, and tries to move you in the way it believes you want. This is useful if you are new to VR, and will make sure that you do not get lost or trapped inside a wall.

E.g. if you point to the floor, it will assume you would like to walk there. If you point to the wall or ceiling it will move you upwards and towards it so you can inspect it further.

Flying is a useful way of moving around when you want an overview, or if you are doing infrastructure or large constructions. We recommend flying “outside”.

Teleportation is the most commonly used way to navigate, and has been around since the beginning of VR. Just point to a spot and you will be brought directly there.

Vrex has two ways to do this.

Grip movement can be very useful if you need small controlled adjustments to your position to get a better view in tight areas. Simply grab, drag and release. This navigation method can be used in addition to either of the other methods.

Floor plans can be very useful for orientation, finding meeting members or teleporting wherever you want to go with a single click. Floor plans are automatically generated from the project files.

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