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Oculus VR headset – installation

How to install the Oculus Software

This is the same for Oculus Quest 1, Oculus Quest 2, the Oculus Rift-S, and the Oculus Rift

  1. Navigate to https://oculus.com/setup and download the Oculus software.
  2. Run the downloaded setup installer.
  3. Select your preferred language and accept terms and conditions
  4. Press install now to start the download & installation process
  5. When it is done, create a new account or log in with your existing one.

Remember to adjust settings to allow Vrex
1. Open the Oculus app on your computer.
2. Select Settings on the left menu.
3. Select the General tab.
4. Next to Unknown Sources, adjust the toggle and then confirm to allow content from unknown sources.

With this your VR headset should be ready to use!

Ps! If you have used more than one XR headset on one computer you may need to set Oculus as your default open XR runtime. A guide on how to do it can be found here.

Click here to move on to how to install the Vrex application

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