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Navisworks export with Sectioning

Setting the correct visibility

How to use the sectioning tool in Navisworks to only export a part of your project to Vrex.

  • Navigate to ‘Viewpoint’ and select ‘Enable Sectioning’
  • Select Plane or Box mode
  • Scale and move the Box or slicing plane until you have the segment that you want
  • Navigate back to Home and choose the ‘Select by Box’ tool
  • Hold Shift and click and drag to select everything inside the box
    Obs! Holding Shift makes it include all objects partially sectioned off.
  • Right-click and choose hide unselected.
Hide everything that is not a part of your wanted segment

Vrex export based on visibility

  • Navigate to the Vrex ad-in and select “Synchronize”.
  • Find and select your wanted project
  • Make sure deselect “Include hidden objects”
  • Select the files you want to include and start “Synchronize”
Export visible objects only to Vrex

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