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Navisworks federated model from BIM360

Federated Navisworks model from BIM360

Step by step guide explaining how to created a federated Navisworks model with files from BIM 360.

Create the federated model in Navisworks

  • Download and install BIM 360 connector.
    • Used to map up the BIM360 space as a local folder on your computer
  • Create a Navisworks project and Append the files using your BIM360 connector drive and save it on Autodesk BIM360 using the BIM360 connector.
  • Update your Navisworks project with the Refresh function
    • All changes done in any of the linked files in the federated model can easily be synced to the Navisworks federated model with the click of a button.

Use the Vrex plugin to create Vrex projects from the federated Navisworks model

  • Add Navisworks as a filesource on your Vrex project
  • Use our Navisworks plugin to select files from the federated Naviswork model and synchronize the project to Vrex.
  • Your Vrex project is now ready to go for collaborative meetings.

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