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Oculus Quest – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vrex support Oculus Quest?

Yes in 2 out of 3 ways.

What is the recommended way of using the Oculus Quest with Vrex?

Connecting the Oculus Quest to a VR-ready laptop with a USB-C 3.0 cable is the most reliable way.

Not only is it user-friendly, so everyone in your project can do it, it also ensures you have the computing power needed to run your full project, for easy updates.

Oculus.com has a guide on how to connect it here https://support.oculus.com/articles/headsets-and-accessories/oculus-link/connect-link-with-quest-2/

What is the alternative way?

Wireless VR using the Air-Link is supported by Vrex, and is an exciting feature.

However, keep in mind that Oculus.com has this feature listed under “experimental”, which means it is not as user-friendly yet. But if you want to try, then Oculus.com has a setup guide here https://support.oculus.com/airlink/

What is the third way?

Using Oculus Quest as a standalone mobile device, with the app installed in the device.

This sounds like a good idea, however, the Quest does not have enough computing power to run full projects. It makes it time-consuming to split models into small parts every time there is i a minor update.

Vrex is made to collaborate inside your project in full context with multiple models and point clouds, which means this is not supported by Vrex,

The Vrex 2023 roadmap does lead to a standalone experience, once the next-generation hardware and cloud services are ready for it.

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