To set your default OpenXR runtime follow the step by step guide that corresponds with the VR headset of your choice.

NB! Please note that your VR software must be running with administrator rights to be able to set your default OpenXR runtime. If your computer’s security policy prevents anything from happening when you try to set the preferred OpenXR environment please contact your IT administrator.


Oculus OpenXR settings
Set Oculus as active OpenXR Runtime
  1. Open your Oculus software
  2. Navigate to Settings -> General
  3. Click the ‘Set Oculus as active’ button to choose Oculus as your active OpenXR runtime
    • Depending on your Oculus software version this option can be under ‘General’

Windows Mixed Reality

Set Windows Mixed Reality as active OpenXR Runtime
  1. Start the Mixed Reality Portal software
  2. Click the ‘Fix it’ button on the notification banner at the top of the screen. This will set Windows mixed reality as your default OpenXR runtime.


Set Vive Console as active OpenXR Runtime
  1. Start Vive Console
  2. If your runtime is not set to Vive a popup will appear
  3. Select yes to set Vive as the default OpenXR Runtime


Set SteamVR as active OpenXR Runtime
  1. Open SteamVR
  2. Open the settings from the hamburger menu
  3. Click Show ‘Advanced Settings’ at the bottom left corner
  4. Select the Developer tab
  5. Press ‘Set SteamVR as OpenXR runtime’

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