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Reduced Flickering

Do you have flickering surfaces in your project which ruin your VR experience? Here is how to solve this inside Vrex

This removes common flickering problems

Layer – Across disciplines
When different disciplines like architectural and structural models contain duplicate objects, Vrex resolves this at the top level for the whole layer.

Objects – Internal conflicts
If you have copies of the same floor in a structural model. Or maybe an accidental duplicate wall in your architectural model. Then Vrex handles this internally in the layer.

Edges – Identify the problem
This gives you a stable view without hiding the problem. Useful for model coordination where your goal may be to discover these conflicts and resolve the root-problems with your authoring tool.

By enabling Flickering Reduction others in the session are notified of this.

The feature affects the visual model by pushing some objects closer or further away than they really are. This does not affect the accuracy of measurements, however, it may affect the visually perceived order of the objects, particularly at greater distances.

Example: If your structural floor model and architectural floor model are in conflict and are flickering the Reduced Flickering feature could result in having your structural floor at the top.

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