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StreamBIM integration

Optimized workflow

Experience StreamBIM projects in an immersive and collaborative real-time 3D environment, for better decision-making across your entire project lifecycle.

With the integration, your team can collaborate virtually from anywhere, any time, in a way that everyone can understand. This allows team members without BIM experience to join in the discussion. Make better decisions together.

The real-time connection to StreamBIM issues lets you access issues from virtual reality. This allows you to work seamlessly across your entire workflow. From the BIM authoring tool to StreamBIM to VR and back again.

StreamBIM project prerequisites

Step 1:
The Pro Topics module needs to be enabled on your StreamBIM project. This is enabled through email request towards StreamBIM support at support@rendra.io.

Tip: If you already have the Pro Topics module enabled for one project, it will be enabled for your new projects by using the existing project as a template.

Step 2:
Create a ‘Workflow’ in StreamBIM and add the appropriate user Groups for your project.

Step 3:
Go into the StreamBIM system settings and select the ‘BCF Server’ menu option.
Select the Workflow you want to be accessing through Vrex.

Connect StreamBIM and Vrex – Issues

When joining a Vrex room you can connect directly with the issues from your StreamBIM project. This will show you live issue data from StreamBIM directly into virtual reality with Vrex.

Use Vrex to Create Issues in StreamBIM

How to create a new issue from Vrex which is saved to your StreamBIM project.

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