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Troubleshoot ‘Failed to Start VR’

This guide is aimed at troubleshooting related to the above mentioned error message, or any issues related to connecting your Oculus/Meta Quest headsets to a computer.

As it is impossible to know exactly the cause of the problem, this guide will walk you through the most likely sources of error.

Cabled connection to VR headset

  1. On your Computer, open your Oculus software
  2. Then, on your Quest headset, Navigate to system settings
  3. Enter the Quest Link tab.
  4. Enable Quest Link
  5. Go back to the Oculus software on your computer and navigate to Devices
  6. Your connected headset should be listed and have a green checkmark when everything is working.
    • NB! When you are connecting the cable, you may need to approve the connection inside the VR headset before it’s accepted.

WiFi connection to VR headset

This serves as an alternative to connecting the VR headset to the computer using a cable. A cabled solution will always have the best performance, but a wireless connection works very well on networks with good WiFi 6 coverage.

NB! Before starting – Open the Oculus Quest software on your computer

  1. Navigate to system settings
  2. Enter the Quest Link tab.
  3. Enable Quest Link
  1. After Quest Link is enabled, go to quick settings
  2. Click Quest Link
  1. Active Use Air Link
  2. Select the PC you want to link
  3. Click Launch

Make sure everything is up to date

Make sure that the the following application and drivers are up to date:

  • Windows updates and patches
  • Oculus/Meta application
  • Graphic card drivers

Open XR Runtime and unknown sources

Oculus OpenXR settings
Set Oculus as active OpenXR Runtime
  1. Open your Oculus software
  2. Navigate to Settings -> General
  3. Click the Toggle button on Unknown Sources to allow any Application to use VR.
  4. Click the ‘Set Oculus as active’ button to choose Oculus as your active OpenXR runtime
    • NB! You need to run the Oculus Quest software with administrative rights for this to work.

Try to reconfigure the connected device

  1. In your Meta/Oculus quest software, navigate to devices
  2. Click on the device you are trying to connect
  3. Select Device setup and follow the instructions
  4. If that does not work, try removing the device and add it again.

Is the computer VR-Ready

To connect a VR headset to a computer, the computer needs to be VR ready. That means that the Graphics card is good enough to process VR application, and that you have a USBC, Display port or HDMI interface on your computer with direct access to the graphics card.

That is usually marked with the below symbols/table in your computer specifications.

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