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Oculus Quest – Troubleshooting

Verify the connection

  1. Turn on the Oculus Quest
  2. Connect the Oculus Quest to your PC with a USB cable – preferably usb3.0.
  3. When you connect it you will be promoted with two questions. Accept data connection and accept LINK connection. Approve both from within the VR headset.
  4. Start the Oculus software
  5. Go to devices
  6. If the VR-headset is added and connected properly you should see a green V.
  7. If you have added the headset and you can not see a green V, try to disconnect the cable and reconnect it and follow step 3 to 6 again.
Oculus green check mark
Green check mark next to your added Oculus headset

Ps! Make sure that your OpenXR runtime is set to Oculus. Guide here.

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