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Use Vrex Tools in VR

There are a wide selection of tools available inside VR which is covered one by one in this section.

The Laser pointer is used to improve communication with others together with you inside the virtual reality room. Your “laser” is visible for everyone.

Draw adds a marker in you dominate hand and let’s you draw directly into the 3D space. Useful for communicating ideas or solutions to issues to others, or before grabbing a picture with the Camera tool.

Measure A to B is a free hand measuring tool made to measure the distance between two points. This tool is only as precise as your placements of the measuring points.

Measure is a precise measurement tool. You select one measuring point and it will give the exact distance to the first object or surface 90 degrees off your measuring point.

Camera lets you take pictures from inside Virtual Reality. The pictures are saved on your computer and can easily be accessed from the room history in the Vrex lobby. It’s also very useful for creating new BCF issues or reviewing existing ones.

Select is used to highlight objects. Press and hold the right index trigger to point at objects and release to select. The selection will be visible to everyone in the VR meeting together with you.

Hide will remove any object you point to from being displayed. It can be very useful for getting a better view in tight areas or remove distractions.

With Clipping plan you can place up to three planes into the 3D space and will hide everything on one side of those planes.

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