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VrexGo – VR for business at scale

This documentation, including all video and text material, is incomplete work in progress.
Please reach out to rune@vixel.no for direct support, if you need help.

What is VrexGo?

Introduction video – work in progress

“Save a viewpoint to update everyone’s view automatically in real-time during a meeting! This makes Vrex the most flexible solutions for standalone VR devices.”

How to prepare a VrexGo meeting?

VrexGo meeting

  1. PROJECT – establish your project in Vrex

    There is no difference between a Vrex and VrexGo project.
    All Vrex projects can be used with VrexGo.

  2. PREPARE – Create viewpoints

    Viewpoints is a “bookmark” in a model. It contains the wanted location location and a selection of 3D models from the project. Create VrexGo Viewpoints by Vrex Go for PC.

    Vrex Go for PC can be downloaded here: https://vrex-release.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/core/VrexLauncher-7.exe

    Vrex Go for Meta Quest headsets can be downloaded here: https://www.meta.com/s/3m1LNkK8q

    VrexGo Viewpoints has two main benefits
    1. It is a way to share only what you want your collaborators to see and foucs on.

    2. Standalone VR devices has limited computing power. VrexGo viewpoints makes sure you get to decide what is important for your discussion and reviews, not an algorithm or optimization techniques.

  3. READY – Time to share

    The meeting leader uses VrexGO for PC which has the necessary functionality to guide other participants around. Teleport the meeting group from view to view and facilitate the review.

    Anyone with VrexGo on a standalone VR headset, can join you as a meeting participant an be guided around.

  4. HOW? – Easy to use standalone VR device

    VrexGo is designed for standalone VR devices, such as Meta Quest 2 and other similar headsets, without the need for any computer.

    No complex technical setup required.

    We can deliver headsets at the door, world-wide. Everything installed and ready to be used out of the box.

    1. unpack the device
    2. charge the battery
    3. click the on-switch
    4. click the wifi symbol, and connect to your local wifi network

    contact sales@vrex.no for inquiries about hardware

  5. HOW? – Get access to Vrex

    To access a Vrex project in any way, requires a username and password.

    To get this
    1. The Vrex project-admin adds the user to the project, using their e-mail address.
    2. The user receives an e-mail with an invite to create the account.
    3. By clicking the invite, they can create username and password. This takes them into app.vrex.no where they can accept the invite.

    The user is now ready to enter Vrex in VR 👍

  6. ENTER A MEETING – Join with standalone VR device

    A user on a standalone device joins a s meeting-participant, that can be guided to all the viewpoints by the meeting-leader.

    To join
    1. Turn on the headset
    2. Log into the WiFi if not already done so
    3. Click the app “VrexGo”
    4. Log in
    5. Click the project-name
    6. Click the room-name
    7. Click Start

    This takes the user into the lobby, where they will wait for the meeting-leader to join.
    (Think of it as Teams and Zoom)

  7. ENTER A MEETING – Join with PC-based VR

    A user on PC-based VR joins as a meeting-leader. They will guide the others through the viewpoints.

    To join
    1. Have VrexGo installed on your computer
    2. Start VrexGo
    3. Log in
    4. Click the project name
    5. Click the room name
    6. Choose VR or screen mode. (VR is recommended, but not required)

    This takes the user into the lobby, where they will meet everyone, to and start the guided tour together.

  8. MEETING SESSION – visiting viewpoints

    The meeting leader enters presenter-mode, this gives access to the prepared viewpoint list.

    By clicking a viewpoint the leader brings the whole group to this location, where they can experience the parts of the defined parts of the model, and have fruitful discussions.

    NOTE: The prepared viewpoints are not set in stone, they can be changed at any time, even during a meeting. – At any time during the meeting, the meeting leader can

    1. “Enter Edit Mode”
    2. This temporarily brings the full model into the leader’s view
    3. They can edit the viewpoint by adding/removing parts of the model, such as hiding the ceiling to show ventilation, etc.
    4. Saving the viewpoint, updates everyone else’s view automatically in real-time!

    ⚠ This is an important thing to note, as it is key to making VrexGo the most flexible standalone VR solution, with unlimited model size capacity, even for standalone devices!

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