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VR-Guide: What are the core functionalities?

There are four core functionalities to look for in a VR solution. Here are some questions to guide the way.

Is it made to handle multiple users in VR at the same time?

Construction projects consist of different people, with different roles, and different professional backgrounds. – Most often you will want a solution to work across all your projects, whether for model coordination, reviews, collaboration, or a specialized simulator.

How Vrex does this: With this flexible multi-user solution, you can connect your team members in seconds, remotely from anywhere. In short, you can bring your whole team together inside virtual reality, at any time for remote work and collaboration, across all your projects.

Does it capture information?

It is important that your VR solution allows you to get something out of using it? There should be a way to create information, or in some other way generate value to your project, and pass it through with full context and history for further work.

How Vrex does this: You can bring in an agenda, topics, viewpoints, bookmarks, model data, and much more into VR. This is used in VR to create new ideas, find issues, review models, quality control, have discussions, and find great solutions.

Does it ensure seamless handoffs?

Is there a way to hand off the data or value you create in Virtual Reality, to the project as a whole, or to individual project members?

Vrex does this through integrations, either with the project tools or to assign the creations to project members.

Does it integrate with your project’s workflow and other platforms?

It’s always important to have a way for project members to escalate your VR discoveries and values by bringing them through to your other project tools. Such as your the authoring tools, the CDE, create an RFI, change order, or simply a commented approval for the records. – This opens up endless possibilities.

For example, Vrex provides this with a real-time, conversation-focused interface to seamlessly track and manage virtual projects between members and stakeholders.

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