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VR-Guide: What are the different types of solutions?

VR solutions vary by the use cases they’re intended to perform. Let’s go through some of the main types of VR solutions.

Realistic visualization

Enscape, Chaos Group’s real-time visualizer is an example of a realistic visualization solution for use in VR and on screens, on your own. It integrates with Revit and lets architectural modelers view their modelers while they are creating the models. It is a solo VR experience.

In 2022, the use of real-time visualization integrations with modeling software is quite common and well established as a working tool for modelers in architecture offices. It allows modelers to see their models change in real-time while they are creating their models. 100s of thousands of architectural models use tools like this daily in their work as a way to better understand their own work and how it measures up to specifications.


Interactive Trianing Simulators

A VR simulators are typically solutions that has pre-programmed worlds with pre-programmed objects which users can interact with. The solution is typically narrowly focused on scripted scenarios that the user can experience in a sequence. Often represented very similar to a game, but recently they have become quite realistic and clearly made for utility and not entertainment.

Fynd or Attensi are examples of these kinds of solutions. Using their solutions creators may even take part in setting up the scripted scenarios themselves. There are no limits to what you can create with a simulator, except the time and work it takes to create it.

Fynd Core

Simulators are mostly used for educational purposes, workplace training, psychological exposure therapy, and various other experiences. It can either be done alone or together, depending on the solution and the use case.

Layout Explorer

The solution uses textures, lights, and interactive objects which are computer-intensive, which is why the solution is most suitable for small projects, or single disciplinary models. The goal is to enable explorers the creative freedom to try out different solutions early in the project.

Autodesk The Wild

Solutions like The Wild from Autodesk are solutions for the early exploratory phases of a design project. It gives a semi-realistic representation of the model that can be manipulated and transformed. It allows users to explore layouts of exhibit boots, shops, rooms, and other spatial designs.

Quality Control in Design, Engineering, and construction

Vrex is a solution created to make better decisions faster, avoid costly mistakes, and reduce rework during construction.

A construction project consists of people with different roles and skills. That is why a decision-making solution needs to be easy to access and easy to use for people with different professional backgrounds.


A unique identifier for this kind of solution is that it handles all the different 3D models of a construction project, all at the same time. – This gives project members full context of their project and makes it possible to make accurate decisions without delay.

Examples of platforms in those types of workflows are

Authoring VR view

It is becoming more and more common that the authoring tools have a VR view built into their BIM or CAD authoring viewer. The purpose of this is to allow modelers to go in along to view their models in a 1 to 1 scale. – It is expected that in the coming years it will be possible to do modeling inside these viewers. An example of this is NX by Siemens

NX CAD by Siemens

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