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Vrex communicates your project’s 3D-data in a way that everyone understands!

Step into 3D-models and Point Cloud 3D-scans, together in real time. You get an intuitive understanding of even the most complex aspects of your project, regardless of your role in the project or professional background. Vrex provides your whole project team and stakeholders the understanding they need to make well informed decisions, throughout the project lifecycle.

Vrex transforms your BIM and 3D-scans into a communication tool for your project.

Easily accessible for everyone to use for reviews, to have discussions, or to ask for clarifications to make well informed decisions. By stepping into the project’s 3D models together, everyone gets an intuitive understanding of the challenges and the proposed solutions, regardless of their role in the project, or professional background.


Vrex brings BIM or CAD 3D-models and point cloud 3d-scans into an interactive VR environment, that your team and stakeholders can step into together, and have a collaborative VR sessions. – No BIM, CAD, or techincal knowledge is required to participate.

Through Vrex everyone will be able to understand even the most complex aspects of the project, and take part in discussions around possible solutions. The whole team get a fuller understanding of the project, and are able to make more well informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle.

Any issue raised or decisions made inside a Vrex session can be documented according to the project’s own standard and workflow, through our integrations. – Vrex follows the industry standards to help you effectively follow up on tasks after a session, even if you have no BIM or CAD experience.

Vrex bridges the gap between complex data and clear visualization. It enables a new more inclusive workflow that was previously not possible, where global teams and stakeholders can be involved much earlier in the process and cut time, money, and reduce mistakes downstream.


Vrex is the best way to communication your project’s 3D-data in a way that makes even the most complex aspects understandable to everyone.

Through a combination of virtual-reality and regular screens, Vrex facilitates a collaborative multi-user sessions inside the 3D-data of any construction project. The kinds of projects using Vrex are commerical building, infrastructure from trains airports and hospitals, as well as energy facilities, manufacturing and production plants, larger recidential construction, and much more.

BIM, CAD, and Point Cloud 3D scans of any size are translated into immersive views. It is automatically available to the project-team joining your Vrex session without any file-sharing required. And without any technical know-how required to participate.

Vrex integrates with most of the industry’s major project-tools and cloud-platforms, and fits directly into existing workflows. Deploying Vrex is a discreet and effective at any scale, project wide, or in single units.

Users can experience their project as if they were physically there, even before site-exists. This provides an intuitive understand of the spatial aspects of the design. It makes it the ideal place for doing reviews, discussing challenges, and exploring solutions, and make safe and informed decisions.

By not requiring any technical know-how or BIM and CAD knowledge, Vrex is accessible to a much wider range of team members and stakeholders than other solutions. This makes Vrex widely used by projects and companies looking to be ISO 19650 compliant, as well as bring transparency to their project. – ISO is also fully ISO 16739 compliant.

Vrex bridges the gap between 3d data and human understanding across your whole project-team, throughout the project lifecycle.